Requesting help and helping others with Treatment Room patients unlocks on level 8.

To request help for a patient in Treatment Room:

- Open Patient card and tap pink help button to request help for that patient.
- You will be presented with list of your friends and your Followers. You can choose to whom you will send a personal notification with your help request.

NOTE: To avoid possibility to spam users with help requests, you can send personal push notification to a chosen player only once per day.

To help other player with his/ hers Treatment Room patient:

- Visit his/ hers hospital first. To find out which patients need help, look for pink help icon over their head.
- After clicking such patient, you will be presented with window where you will see what kind of cures are needed.
- If you have required cure, you can choose to add it by clicking -/+ signs below that cure. You don't need to have all required cures to help with a patient. You can donate partially.
- Once cures are added, press 'Donate Cures' button to send them out.

To heal your patients with donated cures:

- Patients ready to cure will have pink heart icon above their head.
- Open the patient card and click pink heart button to heal. You will be presented with a summary of people who donated cures for that patient.