And the wait is finally over!!! The Maternity Center is already available at My Hospital! :)

You will be able to unlock this whole new map at level 23. If you are already above level 23, go ahead and try it out! to do so, tab on the new building and you will start the tutorial of our brand new and beautiful Maternity Center!

You are also able to decorate your maternity center and new patio with the items you already owned, so don't forget to give it a personal touch already from the beginning!

To switch between maps (your main hospital and your maternity center) you will need to use the button that is located right next to settings. You can also go to the bottom right corner of the map and tap on the new building to go from your hospital to the maternity. To go back from the maternity to your hospital, you can use the home button in the game or the bus stop.

Please keep in mind that there are a few things that you are able to do at My Hospital that currently you will NOT be able to do while you are at the maternity Center:

  • Painting floors
  • Visiting friends
  • Visit other player's maternity map
  • Todo tasks / Daily quests
  • Log in to Game center/Google play from the maternity map