Provide immediate help: If you know the user personally, have their personal information and believe they are in immediate danger, please contact the local authorities. If you don’t know them personally, urge them to contact a the authorities or a helpline. If there is no immediate danger or you’re unsure about how immediate the danger is, urge them to contact a helpline.
If the threat isn’t immediate or you don’t know where the person is located, here are things you can do:

Report pictures: You can report pictures that worry you from the three dots at the side of the picture. All reported pictures are reviewed and when pictures referencing self-harm, suicide or depression are encountered, we review the person’s gallery and reach out to them via email with helpful resources.

To bring the user to our attention faster, please send us also a message within the app screenshots of the worrying pictures or comments with subject line “SUICIDAL USER”.
  • Provide resources: The fastest way to help someone is to direct them to the helpful resources we have gathered for them. These are free, confidential online and phone helplines that anyone can reach out to, run by trained professionals who know how to help.
How do I know if someone is suicidal?:

They might post content where they:
  • talk about wanting to die or kill themselves
  • talk about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live
  • talk about being a burden to others and how others would be better off without them
  • post pictures of self-harm
  • post pictures that glorify death, dying or suicide
How do talk to a suicidal user?
Here are some very helpful online resources with advice on how to communicate with a suicidal person:

Why do you remove the pictures that reference suicide?
Coming across this kind of content can be disturbing, distressing and triggering to other users. A suicidal picture is a cry for help and comments from friends can be initially helpful to the artists who is having an emotional crisis, but real help needs to be provided elsewhere. Please rest assured, we reach out to anyone who’s posted suicidal content with resources to help them in their crisis.
If you are worried about someone and unsure what to do, you can always contact us sending a message within the app.