You can report a comment from the three dots at the side of the comment. When you tap on it, a menu will pop up that will let you report the comment as inappropriate, harassment or hate speech, or threatening content. Comments must follow the same community guidelines as everything else that is posted to Recolor galleries.

If there is an inappropriate comment or conversation, always report the comments involved in the exchange. Do not report the picture where the comments are instead because then only the picture will be checked - to make sure that the comments are checked by us please make sure to report at least one comment itself.

Please don't report pictures of a user who left rude comments elsewhere in the community, but instead report the comment in question so we will know why you are reporting the user and can take further action.

When it comes to pictures, it is upsetting to see inappropriate images and we definitely do not allow them in our gallery. However, it is impossible for us to monitor everything that happens in the gallery/community and so we rely on the reports just like any other community.

Use the Report function found in the corner of every picture if you think the content is inappropriate.