If you are using Android device, please DO NOT uninstall and reinstall your app because this will erase your My Works pictures and My Palettes. Only subscribers can use the Google Drive backup feature. Please note that your My Palettes are saved only onto your device and therefore will be deleted, even if you use the Google Drive backup feature.

If you are using iOS and if you're willing to try reinstalling, just make sure that, before deleting, your iCloud backup is on - go to the iOS settings, find 'Recolor' and make sure it has the 'Use iCloud' on. Then, go to the settings in Recolor and check the iCloud state in the settings to make sure that iCloud is enabled. Make sure iCloud is all synced and everything is downloaded. This way you will be able to retrieve all your My Works when you reinstall. Please note that you will NOT be able to retrieve your My Palettes if you decide to reinstall the app, even if iCloud is on.