If you don't see any coloured pictures in your My Works gallery, please restart your device and see if that brings them back. If the pictures are not appearing after restarting either, please think back if you have done any of the following: start playing on a new device, updated your device's operating system, delete and reinstall Recolor, cleaned up space from your device, or let other apps clean up space from your device? These actions could unfortunately result in the lost of Recolor data from your device and the disappearance of your pictures.


Unfortunately, if you are a free user, your My Works pictures are only saved on your device locally, which means that if they have been lost because the data has gotten erased from your device for one reason or another they sadly cannot be recovered. We hope to provide a better backup system for Android devices in the future and are truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

As for the premium users, you can retrieve your pictures if you have enabled Google Drive backup system. Please advise this entry to get all the information on enabling and using this backup system.


If you are using iOS device, it is possible that your pictures are backed up in your iCloud and could be recovered. Please follow the steps below:

First, make sure you're logged-in with the correct iCloud account you had on when you first installed Recolor. Your pictures should be saved in the cloud.

Go to the iOS settings - find 'Recolor' - make sure it has the 'Use iCloud' on. Then, go to the settings in Recolor and check the iCloud state in the settings. Make sure iCloud is all synced and everything is downloaded. Please note that this iCloud syncing process could be extremely slow some times. Leave the app open for 10 minutes or so and the pictures should come back.

Also, note that if your device is low on space or for some other reason, iCloud moves less used files to the cloud. In particular, this often happens after an update. Depending how many coloured pictures you have, re-downloading these to the app may take awhile. Just keep using the application normally and you should be able to retrieve them after awhile. For this to happen less frequently, make sure you have sufficient amount of free space (100mb or more).