If instead of your profile you see an empty profile, it is likely that you accidentally ended up in an empty duplicate account.

Please try logging out of your account from the Settings in Recolor (My Works -> Settings (top-left corner) -> Logout from Gallery) and then log in using your original login method - the same method you used when setting up your account (Facebook, Google or email).

Accidentally using the wrong login method can create a new, empty account. That's why it's important to use the same login method that you used when creating your account for the first time. This will let you get back to your original account where all of your published pictures, likes and followers are waiting for you.

If you can’t remember your original login method, please send us an in-app message with your username, email address associated with your account, description of your user picture and/or some of the last pictures you published and an estimation of how many likes your account had. With this information we can find your account and help you back in there.