If you would like your account deleted, please contact Customer Support through "Contact Us" button on the top right corner of this page.

To delete your account:
- Contact Customer Support while logged into the account you want deleted
- Email hello@recolor.com from the email address used to create the account you want deleted

Deletion happens in two phases:
1. Your account will be disabled and identifying features (userpicture, username and profile text) removed
2. Your account will be forwarded to the tech team for deletion and they will erase the account and it's content. This may take some time.
3. You will receive another response to your message once the deletion is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: When your account is deleted, all of the data associated with your account will be removed completely, and it is not possible to recover your account at a later time. You can continue using Recolor's coloring features without an account, and create a new account if you want to use the social features again in the future.

IF YOU HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION and don't want to continue using the coloring features of Recolor, make sure that you cancel it at least 24 hours before your renewal date. You can check your subscription status and cancel it through your App Store's Settings.